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BASF & Foam Factory celebrate World Sleep Day with latest pillow foam technology that promises a better night’s sleep


  • Innovation and design of Foam Factory’s Driftaway pillows made possible by BASF’s CosyPUR® foam.
  • Collaboration to develop cutting-edge polyurethane foam with optimal comfort and support for different sleep positions.
  • Innovative performance material enables smart sleep technology to be embedded in the pillow.

17 March 2022; Johannesburg, South Africa – Coinciding with World Sleep Day on 18 March, multinational chemical producer BASF is proud to announce a Foam Factory collaboration designed to help put more South Africans to sleep.

BASF’s Performance Materials team in South Africa is partnering with Foam Factory to incorporate BASF’s CosyPUR® memory foam into Foam Factory’s Driftaway pillows to create continual comfort pillows.

CosyPUR® is a new viscoelastic polyurethane flexible foam that’s specifically adjustable thanks to cell morphology. What that means is it’s soft but supportive, giving you the perfect pillow on which to enjoy a good night’s rest.

Taking flexible foam to the next level, the open cell structure of CosyPUR® foam lets air pass through the material. This dissipates body heat, allowing for more breathability and an overall better sleeping experience. The foam is versatile, so it’s suitable for more than just pillows; think cushions, back rests, mattresses, and orthopaedic products.

Sunneal Shah, BASF’s Team Leader: Sub Saharan Africa Performance Materials, explains how the innovative material enables smart sleep technology to be embedded in pillows and more. “BASF is at the forefront of developing innovative, high-performance polyurethane foams. These foams can be used to manufacture a variety of products, like the premium quality viscoelastic pillows that Foam Factory is producing. Using CosyPUR® in the Driftaway viscoelastic pillows helps ensure good posture during sleep,” says Shah.

Neill Aitken, Sales Director at Foam Factory expands on the relationship between the companies and what that’s enabled. “Foam Factory has worked with BASF formulations for over 15 years, and we’ve been impressed with the amazing results. At Foam Factory, we believe in nurturing long-term relationships with our suppliers based on innovation, consistency, reliability, and flexibility. The ‘chemistry’ between our two organisations speaks volumes and we look forward to many more mutually successful years of collaboration.”

To find out more about the pillows, or to buy your own, visit

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How to get a Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Avoid looking at electronics such as cell phones, watching TV, looking at a tablet, etc. at least 1 hour before bed – Children under the age of 13 should be 2 hours before bed. This allows your brain to relax as electronics cause the brain to be active for an hour or two after using them.
  2. Ensure you have the right pillow – sleeping with too many pillows or high pillows can cause your neck to be at an angle and cause your spine not to be inline. This can cause neck and back pain, making you wake up stiff and sore. We recommend memory foam pillows as this moulds to your neck and head shape, ensuring your spine is in the correct position.
  3. Have a good night time routine. This can include avoiding technology 1 hour prior bedtime, bathing/showering before bed, reading a book, etc. Having a routing helps the mind relax to ensure better sleep.
  4. In inland areas such as Gauteng, where the air is dryer, a good cold air humidifier is great for those suffering from hay fever or simple find themselves with a blocked/dry nose.
  5. Exercise is not only great for longer healthier living, but it also helps you sleep better as it relaxed the body and makes you tired.
  6. Weight management – being overweight can cause changes in the body that could cause lack of sleep. Eating healthy and exercising is beneficial for a long life and good sleep.
  7. Destressing – Being stressed can cause lack of sleep as the mind is kept active the whole night. Exercise, reading, yoga, meditating etc. can assist you in destressing.
  8. Using the right bed linen – as luxurious as feathered pillows and inners may sound, it may also be causing you to have sinus issues. It is also not the best for your spine to use a feather pillow as it does not mould to the shape of your neck and head. Using hypo-allergenic inners and memory foam pillows, would provide you with a better nights sleep. Bed linen should be breathable and washed at least once a week. Duvet inners should be washed every few months or more often if the person tends to perspire more.
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Mattress Flipping

Not all mattresses are “NO-TURN” mattresses and thus need to be flipped to ensure longevity.

To assist in ensuring the regular turning of your mattress we strongly recommend that you draw with a marking pen two arrows on your mattress, one pointing to the foot of the mattress then turn over the mattress and draw the other arrow pointing to the side of the mattress.

You must then turn the mattress in the direction of the arrow monthly.

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Did you know that poor sleep is strongly linked to weight gain.

Poor sleep is linked to higher body weight and that good sleepers tend to eat fewer calories.

Good sleep can improve concentration and an all-round living experience.

It’s important that your mattress allows for proper alignment of your spine and balanced contact pressure between your body and the mattress. Mattress preferences vary from one person to the next.