How to care for my mattress

How to care for my mattress

Care Instructions/Service Warranty

Congratulations on purchasing a superior quality, true value for money mattress in our Driftaway brand.

Having been covered in plastic, your new mattress may have a slight odour. This will disappear in a few days after the mattress has been aired.

Your new mattress may initially feel a little too firm. This is normal as your old mattress may have lost some of the support qualities which you will now experience with your new mattress. As with a new pair of shoes, your mattress needs to be worn in.

The mattresses in our Driftaway range are built up using multiple layers of foam all of which are manufactured in house to the highest of standards.

In our experience, most people do not turn mattresses as frequently as they should. This causes uneven wear and softness. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of turning your mattress regularly. Ninety nine percent of customer complaints of mattresses collapsing is a result of not turning the mattress often enough. This is easily seen by the factory on dismantling the mattress.

To assist in ensuring the regular turning of your mattress we strongly recommend that you draw with a marking pen an arrow on either side of your mattress. One pointing vertically and the other horizontally. Following the direction of the arrow that you see when turning the mattress.

If you have not purchased one of our bases, please ensure that your existing base is slatted, perfectly flat and does not sag when you apply pressure. Any sagging of the base will make you believe that your mattress is faulty.

In the unlikely event of a service warranty claim or repair we shall use the same material as that being replaced, if available. Should such material be unavailable then we shall use similar material provided it is of at least the same quality.

All transport costs will be for the account of the claimant and the original proof of purchase must be supplied.

The warranty is in no way an indication of the life span of the mattress for which it has been used.

The warranty does not apply in the case of a change of mind, choosing the wrong comfort level, failure to turn the mattress.

We also reserve the right to refuse inspection and to invalidate the warranty, if the mattress is
deemed to be soiled, burnt, stained, water marked, infested with insects or otherwise damaged.