Memory Foam Topper/Overlay


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– Memory foam
– Woven material covering
– Shapes to your body
– Overlay for your current mattress
– Absorbs excess movement
– Pressure point relief
– More peaceful sleep
– Coolmax covering

1880mm x 910mm x 50mm (single)
1880mm x 1070mm x 50mm (three quarter)
1880mm x 1370mm x 50mm (double)
1880mm x 1520mm x 50mm (queen)
1880mm x 1830mm x 50mm (king)

These mattress overlays are made of 50mm visco-elastic high-density memory foam covered in a luxurious woven material.
These overlays relax according to your body dynamics and soften as you gently sink in, cradling you with comfort and supporting your weight. The memory foam absorbs movement, thereby reducing disturbances from your partners side of the bed.
Also effective in reducing and preventing pressure sores. Excellent for bedridden patients that require regular care and turning.
The memory foam technology will turn your bed into a sanctuary of comfort and peace, allowing you to wake up rested and energized in the morning.

Our quality memory foam is temperature sensitive. In these extremely cold temperatures, this product initially, is a lot firmer. Once the foam has been exposed to a person’s body heat and room temperature, it will become more supportive and supple.

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Mattress Sizes

Single 910, Single 910 Extra Length, Three Quarter 1070, Three Quarter 1070 Extra Length, Double 1370, Double 1370 Extra Length, Queen 1520, Queen 1520 Extra Length, King 1830, King 1830 Extra Length