Covered Ring Cushions


A doughnut shaped cushion that supports the bottom. Designed to relieve pressure on the coccyx area.


– Ergonomic
– Covered in blue trilobal material
– Comfortable
– Breathable
– Open Cell Technology
– Added support

Dimensions: 425mm x 425mm x 77mm

This Driftaway ring cushion is designed to ease pressure on the coccyx area by providing relief and comfort – great for recovery from operations.
It is also a fantastic solution if you find sitting uncomfortable during pregnancy, as it alleviates pain in the lower back and legs.
The open cell technology allows for air to flow through and it prevents overheating from occurring.
The sleek cushion is covered in a stylish blue trilobal material that will make all those around you envious of its appearance.

Additional information

Weight .50 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 9 cm